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A Sizzling Showcase of Fire–Themed Logo Designs

The creativity of a logo designer reflects when he takes a simple concept or theme and turns it into something extra-ordinary and unique.

Today at Top Logo Companies we are going to showcase a collection that is somewhat like that. Our theme for today’s collection of unique and inspiring logo designs is ‘FIRE’.

The first thought that strikes your mind when you hear the word Fire is a sensational feeling of fiery, hot warmth. Fire can be both dangerous and useful for us. Whatever it is, the thought of this world without the existence of fire is just impossible.

Red hot burning dangerous fire, no matter how dangerous it is we need it in every moment of our life. Therefore with the growing need of fire and fire related business, the need for unmatchable and impressive logo designs based on fire is also increasing.

Therefore today we piled up a set of 10 most unique and inspiring fire related logo designs and we hope that you would admire them…

1. High Heat Wood Pellets

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Green and orange colored logo design. Orange to represent fire.


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10 Most Popular Luxury Car Logos: History behind them

Luxury cars have been adored and admired by people of all kinds. The popularity of luxury cars cannot be measured, because it is spread on a huge scale. One look at their logo and you instantly recognize the brand and the name of the car. The logos of each luxury car are unique and captivating, and a person can easily differentiate between them. It takes great marketing skills and talent to produce logos of such quality that every one of them stands out in the market at the same height when it comes to popularity. Today we are going to unfold the secrets and reveal to you the story behind them.

1. Audi

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The four rings represent the family coat of arms of the Visconti entliehen, one of the most elite families of Milan. It also symbolizes the merge of the four Audi companies - AUDI, DKW, Horch and Wanderer.


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Showcase of Inspiring eCommerce WordPress Themes

During the time gone by, making your personal online store would have been no piece of cake. As a matter of course, you would have had to spend exorbitant amount on creating one, maybe thousands of dollars or most probably tens of thousands. However, developing eCommerce sites have become relatively cheap with such great advancements in technology.

Such sites do not only need to have the store font consumer side but also a strong backend which can be utilized for uploading products and dealing with sales and shipping. If it were not for management systems like WordPress, beginning an online store would never have been this easy and convenient.

On that, without any further ado, let us check out the showcase of inspiring eCommerce WordPress themes.

1. WP FlexiShop

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With the WP FlexiStore theme, you can easily make a resourceful WordPress eCommerce site.


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Animal Logos: A Different Look for Logo Designs

Businesses and logos go hand in hand. Hence, a business is incomplete if it is not represented by a logo. A business has been and always will be identified by its logo, no matter what! For this reason, it is crucial for the logos to appear enticing and distinct. For accomplishing this goal, logo designers try their level best to be as creative and innovative as possible.

Trademarking a business using animal logos is one of the creative ideas of the designers in the field of logo designing. In the past, animal logos could only be seen in establishments which had something to with animal welfare or the ones which manufactured products for animals. However, today, we can see multifarious organization making use of animal logos to reflect the nature of work or goals of their business.

Some of the companies which are known for their animal logos and have successfully managed to bring about this contemporary trend in logo design are as follows:

1. The Prancing Horse

An Italian-based sports cars manufacturing company, Ferrari is popular for succeeding at racing. Its logo design comprises of ‘a black prancing horse on a yellow background’ with the letters ‘S’ and ‘F’ which are initials of Scuderia Ferrari.


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May 1

Useful Resources for Web Designers- April 2012

February has brought with itself an array of resources for both developers and web designers which include latest web apps, frameworks, jQuery plug-ins, color tools and copious amounts of fresh, new fonts.

Majority of the resources we have provided below are either free of cost or very cheap. In addition, they are also of great help for both the designers and developers out there in the market.

If you think some additions need to be made in this post, then do inform us through your comments and feedbacks.

1. Osmosis

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Osmosis is an app which facilitates your interaction with your clients and also helps in collecting the required information from them


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