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Animal Logos: A Different Look for Logo Designs

Businesses and logos go hand in hand. Hence, a business is incomplete if it is not represented by a logo. A business has been and always will be identified by its logo, no matter what! For this reason, it is crucial for the logos to appear enticing and distinct. For accomplishing this goal, logo designers try their level best to be as creative and innovative as possible.

Trademarking a business using animal logos is one of the creative ideas of the designers in the field of logo designing. In the past, animal logos could only be seen in establishments which had something to with animal welfare or the ones which manufactured products for animals. However, today, we can see multifarious organization making use of animal logos to reflect the nature of work or goals of their business.

Some of the companies which are known for their animal logos and have successfully managed to bring about this contemporary trend in logo design are as follows:

1. The Prancing Horse

An Italian-based sports cars manufacturing company, Ferrari is popular for succeeding at racing. Its logo design comprises of ‘a black prancing horse on a yellow background’ with the letters ‘S’ and ‘F’ which are initials of Scuderia Ferrari.


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