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Blood Red: 10 Logo Designs based on Blood Theme

A bloody hello going out to all our friends out there… Do not get baffled because this is our theme for today’s showcase. Yes pals, today Top Logo Companies is going to present to you a collection of ten interesting blood inspired logo designs.

The first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘blood’ is the color red. The color red is always associated with blood that is one thing that you will find common in all of these designs.

This is a very interesting theme and you should attentively notice how graphic designers have implemented that in these designs below. You can gain whole lot of inspiration from them and enhance your talent and creativity by picking up ideas and techniques that have been used in the logo designs given below. In the end, do not forget to enjoy this showcase…

1. Blood Transfusion Logo

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This is a Logo design for blood transfusion Company in Africa.


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Animal Logos: A Different Look for Logo Designs

Businesses and logos go hand in hand. Hence, a business is incomplete if it is not represented by a logo. A business has been and always will be identified by its logo, no matter what! For this reason, it is crucial for the logos to appear enticing and distinct. For accomplishing this goal, logo designers try their level best to be as creative and innovative as possible.

Trademarking a business using animal logos is one of the creative ideas of the designers in the field of logo designing. In the past, animal logos could only be seen in establishments which had something to with animal welfare or the ones which manufactured products for animals. However, today, we can see multifarious organization making use of animal logos to reflect the nature of work or goals of their business.

Some of the companies which are known for their animal logos and have successfully managed to bring about this contemporary trend in logo design are as follows:

1. The Prancing Horse

An Italian-based sports cars manufacturing company, Ferrari is popular for succeeding at racing. Its logo design comprises of ‘a black prancing horse on a yellow background’ with the letters ‘S’ and ‘F’ which are initials of Scuderia Ferrari.


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Rebranding Logo Designs

In this period of time, change is all that is required to spice up one’s life. As a matter of fact, if you want your life to improve, then incorporating the element of change is essential.

The issue with this progressing and ever involving world in which we dwell in is that the majority of us human being are always on a hunt for ‘the next big thing’. And once you have affiliated yourself with a brand, this ‘next big thing’ transforms into ‘the different means of upholding the attention of esteemed clients’.  The solution to this matter of contention usually revolves around rebranding.

Rebranding can comprise of many diverse things. It can range from revamping your establishment’s look and changing its name to improving and increasing the services it should be providing. In simple English, rebranding can be defined as coming up with new strategies to grab more attention of your clients.

In this blog post today we have featured a showcase of 10 logo rebrands that have been perceived as being effective concepts. Each new design has derived from the components of the old design. Check them out and notice how they relate to their counterpart.

1. Newsday

Company: Newsday- Long Island news coverage
Reason for rebrand: Company wanted to focus on their web presence
Ingredient of success: Exchanging the Serif Font with a Sans Serif Font


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Jan 5

Showcase of Web Designs with Subtle Textures

Web designs usually make use of textures to prevent websites from appearing fake and to incorporate the touch of realism in them. For your websites to look real, you really do not need to use paper or wood. Just think about including subtle overlay or dust or noise and you can have a website which will be timeless.

This post showcases 10 examples of innovative web designs which look amazingly real with just the aid of subtle textures.


1. Supercharged

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Messy background texture and use of few colors and you have a perfect example of subtle texture use.

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